Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Comment Challenge: What I’ve Learned

It’s Day 7 of the Comment Challenge. I’d joined in thinking that I’ll be able to take it up and follow it through religiously. And today on Day 7, when the rest of the group is writing about what they’ve learned so far, I’ll have to admit that I’ve hardly been able to do much.

Things have been a little crazy around the office. We’ll be shifting soon to a new location and there are a lot of activities happening around it. Plus, the new project has kicked off and I’m also responsible for training new people who have joined my team. There’s so much work, I haven’t even been able to read all the new stuff showing up on my Google Reader!

Having said all that, I should say even through minimal contribution in the challenge I have learned, to my relief, that I’m not alone. The responses to my blog through this challenge have shown me that there’s a huge supportive and encouraging community out there.

I think one of the big e-learning mantras has been proved for me - you learn better through interaction. I’ve learned that I’ll build my knowledge and expertise better by sharing it with others and interacting with the online community instead of just browsing through blogs and websites. Active learning versus passive learning!

I intend to follow through all the tasks and activities that I missed in the challenge. After all, the challenge doesn’t end with this Challenge event. The real challenge is to continue improving our blogging and commenting practices in our quest to become better blog citizens long after this event is over. :)

And if you are part of The Comment Challenge remember to add the " comment08 " tag to your post.


  1. Hey don't feel bad. This is a time intensive project. We can only do the best we can as individuals. Hang in there.

  2. Hi Vinnie -- don't stress. Do what you can when you can.

    What worked for me during the 31 Day Blogging project was to tackle several days tasks in the one day (7 worked well) - it was more time effective, gave me a good run to think about my learning plus meant I maintain balance. Here is an example I how I did it. Also I used to check what the others had learnt before doing my tasks (helped by adding to my learning). I've set up a page on the wiki that is bringing in all the latest post plus it includes the RSS feed that you can subscribe to for easy searching these posts (using Google Reader).I manually added your posts to this page for now.

  3. Know how you feel-I haven't managed to get past day 9. I have had to make a decision about prioitieds and I have needed to blog about other issues before the challenge. But hope to catch up over the weekend.

  4. It's a shame there aren't any more reason posts on e-learning. I was enjoying this blog. :p

  5. Thanks! To be honest, I'm surprised someone read my blog after so much time. And I just realised how long it has actually been since I posted. I'll definitely try to post again soon and more regularly.
    Thanks a ton for the encouragement. :)